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Take the ‘Safe Opioid Use’ pledge by March 31st!

Participating ASCs will receive a series of benefits for adopting the program.

The California Ambulatory Surgery Association (CASA) released an opioid toolkit resource to help healthcare providers in ambulatory surgery centers throughout California combat opioid misuse and dependence in post-surgical patients.

To encourage adoption of the opioid toolkit resources from ASCs, CASA is offering a series of benefits to ASCs in California that have signed the pledge and implemented the toolkit by March 31st.

Be a part of this movement. Join the inaugural group of California ASCs leading an initiative to curb the opioid epidemic.

 What do these benefits include?

  • Your ASC will receive recognition on CASA’s website, social media platforms, and in the CASA e-newsletter.
  • CASA will pitch the local media outlets that serve the ASC’s region, promoting your ASC’s participation in the program and encouraging localized media coverage.
  • CASA will send a letter to the elected officials representing the participating ASCs’ regions – describing the importance of safe opioid use and recognizing your ASC for participation in the program.
  • Your ASC will receive special recognition at the CASA Annual Meeting.
  • Your ASC will be included in a new fact sheet that showcases participating ASCs – this handout will be distributed at future lobby day visits.

How do I implement the toolkit at my ASC?

Here are 8 steps for implementation.

  1. Commit to the goal.
  2. Hold briefings(s) with ASC team members.
  3. Secure signatures on the pledge.
  4. Employ best practices for safe opioid prescribing.
  5. Prioritize discussions with patients and caregivers.
  6. Provide toolkit brochure and show video to patients/caregivers.
  7. Conduct quarterly team assessments to ensure ongoing commitment and follow through.
  8. Showcase your ASC’s pledge and certificate of recognition to let patients know you are following best practices for safe opioid prescribing!

To provide patients with the best care, CASA understands that communication is key. With the implementation of this opioid toolkit resource at your ASC, we can provide healthcare staff with the resources they need to effectively educate patients and follow opioid prescribing best practices. With a united effort, we can help curb the opioid epidemic.

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