CASA has many opportunities for members to get involved in our organization. One of the best ways is to serve on a committee that best suits your interests and strengths. These committees include:


These individuals evaluate the program and processes to gather meaningful data that will be useful for government reporting, legislative activity, media outreach and membership benchmarking.


This hardworking group develops the program and activities for the annual meeting, working towards timely and meaningful topics for all levels of attendees.


This committee evaluates the needs for further in-depth topics of education and plans seminars and meetings to meet the specific needs.


This is a collective group, representing different types of ASC structures that meets with the leading health plans, medical groups and other payors regarding ASC issues and advocates on the benefits of ASCs.


This group of volunteers works closely with the CASA Legislative Advocate, the California Legislature and Regulatory Agencies on issues that impact healthcare and ASCs.

Member Services

This committee steers the CASA membership drive - working towards CASA's strategic goal of a stronger membership base.  In addition it is involved with advancing the services CASA provides for  its members.

Regional Meetings

This committee evaluates the needs of different California regions and provides opportunities for ASCs to come together by region for education and networking.

To learn about how you can get involved, email us at