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CASA ASC COVID-19 Resources 3.17.2020

The updates and response to COVID-19 rapidly change each day.  As you are responding to the needs of your patients, ASC and community, we are working to provide you with resources to assist you in navigating the pandemic response.

 CASA & ASCA Consensus response on COVID-19 

  1. It is imperative that all ASCs are coordinating with their local department of public health.  This will assure you receive  the latest information and recommendations in your area. 

  2. Implement CDC guidance and stay up to date by visiting the critical contacts websites
  3. Implement rigorous screening for patients and visitors prior to entering the facility.
  4. Maintain a safe environment for patients, employees and visitors, including adherence to social distancing recommendations.

  5. Implement enhanced cleaning as directed by CDC guidelines
  6. As hospitals are implementing their disaster operations, ASCs should be responding likewise and coordinating their plan in conjunction with their local emergency medical response. If you need guidance with policies and a comprehensive emergency plan see the resources listed below.
  7. As you implement your emergency plan, your governing body should work together to address a policy on:
    1. Elective vs elective/urgent surgical procedures. 
    2. Assessing and optimizing patients’ medical and social risk factors for planned surgeries, and postponing cases where indicated,

Additional Tools and Consideration

Signs and Posters

Economic Issues


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