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Independence Day Reflections

Veteran Spotlight - Chuck Meisel

The 4th of July holds significance beyond just being a day for barbeques and fireworks. It serves as a moment to acknowledge those who have fought for our country and our independence – we can listen to their stories, appreciate their sacrifices, and gain a deeper understanding of their journeys. CASA also wants to recognize the community organizations that are doing important work helping veterans transition successfully from military life back to civilian life, and working through the many hardships that come with that.

  • As a point of reflection, take a moment to watch Manny's story about his pathway overcoming challenges. Through the aid of the Veterans Village of San Diego, Manny found the support he needed to regain stability.

CASA also aims to assist veterans through its Veteran's Committee, which not only pays tribute to these brave individuals but also guides their transition into the ASC industry. The committee provides ASCs with resources on recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans. Veterans have key skills in teamwork, problem-solving and leadership that translate into the healthcare sector, making this industry a natural fit for them.

If you would like to contribute to helping a veteran with their employment endeavors, consider donating to Save A Suit. This organization empowers veterans by providing them with the confidence they need to excel in their new professional endeavors. Or visit this website to learn about other ways to support veterans.

In this CASA spotlight below, we interviewed Chuck Meisel, a former Army Infantry Officer who dutifully served in South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East. Read on to learn about his story.

If you are interested in sharing your own experiences or wish to be featured in an upcoming veteran's newsletter, please feel free to reach out to CASA Executive Director Beth Labouyer at


CASA Spotlight: 

Chuck Meisel
Vice President Sales, Surgical Notes

Chuck Meisel

What was your role in the Military? 

I served from 1984-1993 in the Army as an Infantry Officer and as Special Forces Officer (Green Beret).  I was stationed in Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East.

Why did you choose the ASC industry? 

My first job outside of the Army was working for McGaw (now B. Braun).  That was my introduction to the ASC world, as we provided IV fluids and Irrigation fluids to ASCs as they were just opening in the mid-90s.  The more I learned about the ASC market gave me the opportunity to pursue other jobs focused specifically on the ASC market, McKesson Medical-Surgical, ProVation Medical, and eventually Surgical Notes where I’ve been for 9 years.

What military experience is useful for ASCs?

Leadership, listening, working with others, and problem-solving.  Every situation is unique as is every Surgery Center.  

What was the coolest thing you ever did?

After Desert Storm, we helped re-establish the Kurds back to their homes in Northern Iraq.  Many of the Kurds we helped then became our Allies when we went back to Iraq.


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